The Who: Made by gamers

This cool gaming glove is made by gamers for gaming. Our gamer gloves are, designed by gamers for gamers!It is a Danish product and has a unique patented and flexible glove design. It is handmade and comes in four different sizes. We created it,with the intent to improve your overall gaming experience, at a reasonable price.

Gamerglove improve, your experience with the game. 

We believe you as a gamer, deserve to have the ultimate gaming experience, so you have the best odds to perform in the top.



The why: GamerGlove 

It providessolutions to the different issues that may affect you in longer gaming sessions like sweaty hands, poor grip, lack of precision and general discomfort.







The how: Gamerglove

The gloves are made to be compatible with all the different games you play, across all platforms.

They can be used with joypads, mouse, keyboards or force feedback steering wheels.
Our focus has been to create agamer glove in a breathable and lightweight material,with a super tight fitthat will make you forget you are even wearing them during those long gaming sessions. They are made from several different materials, each with a unique property to give you the best grip possible while accommodating the necessary flexibility you need when switching between different controllers, platforms or your preferred key/button configuration for different games.
Giving you the edge in those clutch game winning moments.
GG. Enjoy




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